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Avionics O/H Workshop

Avionics O/H Workshop Overview & Scope


EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING Organizational Structure has the precedence to include a separate specialized directorate which provides avionics and electrical components services to the customers (along with the Mechanical Components Overhaul Directorate, but with different administration and specialized engineers), maintenance services are provided through its approved EASA/FAA workshops with average turnaround time (TAT) of 10 days.

Avionics & Electrical Overhaul Workshop (IERA) include the following:

  • ATEC Workshop
  • Radio Workshop
  • Avionics Workshop
  • Instruments Workshop
  • Electronic Cards Workshop
  • Electrics & Batteries Workshop
  • Galley Inserts Workshop
These workshops are equipped with the most sophisticated digital avionics test sets with the latest state of art technology for the most generation of Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer civil aircrafts.

We can provide Test, Troubleshooting, Repair and Modification of:

  • Short and long range communication equipments
  • Distance and altitude measuring equipments
  • Flight Warning Computers
  • Equipments controlling A/C flight controls
  • Landing gear control units
  • Entertainment Equipments
  • Recording Equipments
  • Pressurization control equipments
  • Bleed Monitoring Computers
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic pressure sensors
  • Air data and inertial reference system
  • Navigation Equipments
  • Anti collision equipments
  • Read out and analysis ground stations of flight
    data recorder and cockpit voice recorder
  • Electrical Power generation equipments
  • Electrical motors and actuators
  • Electrical modules, relays and switches
  • Aircraft galley Refrigeration and Heating equipments
  • Aircraft batteries