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GSE Operation & Maintenance

Ministry of Civil Aviation Certify That :

EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING  Company has approved to do :

  • Ground Service Activities Needed for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul for Aircraft.
  • Current, Medium and Overhaul Repair for different types of ground equipment.
  • Pushback activities for different types of aircraft.

in all airports related to Ministry of Civil Aviation .

GSE has Nitrogen Generation Machine for :

  • Refill Nitrogen Bottles with Nitrogen gas in Cairo Airport& out stations with
    (purity 99%, pressure 3500 PSI) required for
    (A/C tyre, doors, shock strut).
  • Capability to refill Nitrogen bottles of other companies with nitrogen gas.

GSE has new fleet of all types of equipment to adapt the requirements of A/C safety such as :

Tow bars Tractors Type, Motorized Basket lift type, Motorized Platform lift Type, Small Tractors, Water Truck, Toilet Truck, Telescopic Crane, Fork lift, Big Tractor, Trailer for transportation of A/C engines, all equipment.
GPU, Air starter, Hydraulic Stand Test Rig , Ventilation , Sweeper& Scrubber , H.P Compressor, Nitrogen station, Nitrogen carts, Towing bar, Vehicles, Maintenance Steps.

  • Manage providing powered & non powered support for base maintenance ,
    line maintenance and overhaul shops.
  • Manage scheduling of GSE repairs / overhaul to assure availability of serviceable GSE when required.
  • Manage implementation of modifications for GSE in accordance with portioning engineering order
     ,and assure availability of the required materials ,parts ,technical information and personnel.
  • Study and propose technical handling agreement for the overhaul and repair of GSE ,
    and accessories which cannot be handled by EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING .
  • Develop and administer comprehensive safety and housekeeping programs, which promote the safety of personnel and property.
  • Approve and control GSE cannibalizations.
  • Supervisor Training & Personnel section.
  • Supervisor Inspection and Engineering section.
  • Supervisor Planning & Production Section.
  • Supervisor Push back and shop maintenance.
  • Supervisor Equipment Operation.