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Tools and Equipment

Tool, equipment & ground support equipment are managed through (Tool, calibration, GSE directorate).
EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING policy is open to renting tools for any customer with or without maintenance team.
This directorate is divided into two departments:

  • Tool, Equipment & GSE department.
  • Calibration department.
The Tool dept. section are:
  • The logistic section:

    Responsible for offering required tools, equipment & GSE for aircrafts maintenance by arranging with the planning directorate & the production unit (Purchase or lease). Also it is responsible for Approval of suppliers & subcontractors.
  • Tool stores section:

    It posses D-Check tools for aircraft types:
    • AirBus ( A319, A320, A321 series, A330 series, A340-200/300, A300-600 )
    • Boeing (B737-300/400/500, B737-600/700/800/900, B777 series) .

  • The Inspection section

    is responsible for the serviceability of tools, equipment & G.S.E all over the stores and the receiving area, where it monitors received and returned calibrated tools.
  • Calibration Control Section

     The calibrated tools & equipment are controlled by the Calibration Control Section where it is responsible for:
    • Make monthly recall for the Tools which need Calibration
    • Periodic check and /or Preventive Maintenance.
    • Control Calibration Process.
    • Control Tools' Records.
    • Control External Missions.