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Calibration Lab (ECL)

ECL is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 by the National Laboratories Accreditation Bureau of EGYPT (NLAB) which is a full member of (ILAC)


is EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING calibration Laboratory. It is the lead scientific and technical agent of EGYPTAIR methodology calibration program

The primary mission is:
  • To keep, maintain and disseminate the most accurate units of measurement within EGYPTAIR metrology calibration program

  • To Provide Calibration Services to both EGYPTAIR companies and customers.

  • To act as the highest methodology technical authority within EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING
 Accredited services are:
  • DC&LF Measurements:
  • Time & Frequency Measurements
  • Pressure Measurements.
  • Torque measurements
  • Dimension
  • Force

ECL Quality Policy

 EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING is committed to continuously improve the calibration lab to achieve company objectives and customer satisfaction

For this aim it is our policy to:
  • Consistently  provide quality calibration services that conform to customer requirements through fast response while ensuring the protection of customer confidential information

  • Deliver calibration services to our customers with accurate calibration results and good professional practice, meanwhile maintaining an economical value to the customer

  • Comply with ISO/IEC 17025 standards and NLAB requirements at all times to ensure quality calibration services

  • Periodically review all the cal lab management system elements to ensure its effectiveness

  • Insure that all cal lab personnel are competent to perform assigned jobs, appropriately trained and qualified and understand and implement the quality management system and are committed to the requirement defined herein

  • Carry-out all calibration activities under controlled environmental conditions