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Engineering Development & Projects

Engineering Development is responsible for :

  • New A/C configuration selection and definition.
  • Monitoring aircraft systems performance and advising in troubleshooting requirements
  • Economic Evaluating and recommending S/Bs for aircraft and components
  • Engine condition monitoring and advice for engine removal/installation for optimum life
  • APU health monitoring
  • Structure damage evaluation and repair definition assistance.
  • Evaluating and recommending cabin configuration.
  • Entertainment selection and evaluation Audio, Video and Life TV
  • Issuing, preparing and studying the implementation requirements for new  systems installation to be installed through RFC/RMO (Airbus) or MC (Boeing).
  • A/C software standard monitoring.
  • Consulting and evaluation of testers/tools required for maintenance and overhaul

Projects :

    Engineering Projects are experts in the evaluation, recommendation, specification and negotiation of aircraft acquisitions. The team monitors projects from inception, through the inspections phase during aircraft assembly, to delivery and acceptance.
Highly qualified and experienced engineers will:
  • Evaluate and recommend BFE and SFE
  • Define BFE and establish budget
  • Assess for standard Specs required.
  • Manuals customization MEL, MPD and MRBP
  • Inspect and accept aircraft during delivery (systems, engines and cabin)
  • Negotiate and follow up delivery commitment (systems, engines and cabin)
  • Ensure the aircraft is service-ready for commercial use
  • All A/C projects handling concerning tech. Specs. Evaluation (MSCN, SCN and MC)
  • Follow all new regulatory rules and issue RFC to comply the A/Cs with new regulations.