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Components O/H Workshops

Workshops services provide you with flexible solutions while reducing capital needs and improving maintenance cost.
We also offer a wide range of services from traditional maintenance, repair, overhaul, and modifications on a case-by-case basis to a highly sophisticated and flexible asset management scheme.

The Hydraulic Shop is able to overhaul and repair hydraulic pumps and they have specialized expertise in hydraulic accessories, hydraulic valves and actuators.
This can be easily achieved by the available universal hydraulic test stand.
The Pneumatic Shop is able to overhaul and repair Pneumatic & air-conditioning Valves and they have specialized expertise in heat exchangers, pre-coolers, condensers and other pneumatic accessories.
This can be achieved by both of the Pneumatic test stand which can test units up to 120ppm an up to 40 bars. And the advanced automated heat exchanger test stand
This shop can do repair for most mechanical units as PDU and Flight Control Actuators.
This shop is also support repair of all crew seats by distinguished technician.
The Safety Equipment Shop is able to overhaul and repair a wide range of the escape slides/rafts, life preservers using the up to date technology for all type of aircrafts.
The high pressure cylinders shop is capable to perform: hydrostatic test & proof pressure test for any type of high and medium pressure vessels and hoses plus charging these vessels by N2 and CO2 , in additional to performing a complete overhaul for valves / regulators installed on various part numbers of high pressure vessels,on the other side, the shop is also capable to perform weight test / check for all types of portable and stationary fire extinguishers.
This shop one of the few specialized shops in the middle east which is able to do a complete test according to the related CMM and repair for any kind of vacuum toilet assembly and the subcomponents such as water / rinse valves , flush valves and anti-siphon valves.And also the related flush control units (FCU ) , flush control modules (FCM) either operated via MICBAC or CAN-BUS protocols. Also re-circulating toilets are repaired and tested at this shop also.
The advanced automatic fuel flow transmitters test stand can test most of the fuel flow transmitters which is fitted on the different aircraft engine types.
Also most of fuel valves and accessories can be repaired in this workshop.
This shop using the latest configuration equipment and tools can do repair / overhaul for any aircraft wheel .
The available Hi-tech equipment make the required work achieved faster and easier.
This shop equipped with the best quality of test equipment and the high qualified personnel , which make the repair/overhaul of aircraft breaks
(either steel or carbon type) an easy systematic process.
In this shop we use most famous and reliable components and machines to perform non destructive testing by highly qualified personnel which get training in pioneer , world class training centers.