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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Customer
Thank you for spending some of your valuable time to give us your feedback on our service.

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5=Very Satisfied 4= Somewhat Satisfied 3=Neutral 2=Somewhat Dissatisfied 1=Dissatisfied


Technical quality of the product
Quality of Maintenance facilities  
Flexibility in (additional) work scopes or work schedules  
Customized to customer needs  
Service level:
 Punctuality and reliability
Personal attention/commitment  
Professionalism of maintenance staff  
Quality of meetings between Airline Representative and EGME Technical Staff  
Availability of Maintenance Manager /EGME Representative staff if necessary  
In AOG situation  
 Responsiveness to your questions/needs
Languages skills  
Overall Performance:
Overall performance of Line/Base Maintenance
 Service versus charges

In your perspective what makes EGME different than any other MRO service provider?

Do you have any suggestions that help EGME improve its technical service?

Please prioritize your expectations as an MRO customer

Thank you very much for having taken time to fill in this questionnaire.
Your answers are very valuable to us in order to continue our improvement process.

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