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AOG Help Desk 24/7

The aim of our AOG Desk. Is to obtain the supply of components or services that are needed immediately for aircraft in an AOG situation in the shortest possible to reduce technical delays and return to service.

EGYPTAIR M&E AOG is ready to dispatch the help you need - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

AOG personnel are trained to "loan", "borrow", "sell", "Exchange" or "pool " spare parts from other air carriers, per FAA /EASA etc regulations. AOG personnel work in conjunction with their carriers' maintenance operations department, supporting aircraft maintenance with all parts or material requests very rapidly

You can contact our AOG desk at :

AOG DESK staff 24/7

Chief of AOG DESK : Alaa Tawfik
Cell 01008416938

Tel: +202 22 651000 / EXT. 85137 / 85443
Tel + 202 22674528
Fax: +202 22681597

Duty + 01211963318