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 March 2019, Cairo
																		Eng. Mostafa Ali El-Din Imam, Chairman & CEO of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING has announced the official launch of the new software system AMOS of Swiss Aviation Software within the framework of the company's plan to develop the work system to achieve a qualitative leap in the provision of aircraft maintenance and overhaul services, thus reducing the cost, time, and effort, providing greater investment opportunities to attract more customers.
"All basic data required for the operation of AMOS have been verified and the previous systems have been deactivated. All data on personnel, aircraft, components, warehouses, procurement, repairs and other data needed to operate the system have been transferred," said Mostafa.
He added that the final tests were carried out by the project staff and the company directorates to ensure the integrity of the system and the accuracy of the transferred data. Swiss Aviation Software performed the necessary tests on its part to ensure the integrity of the system and the homogeneity of the transferred data.
Paulo Perine, AMOS project manager at Swiss Aviation Software said: "The last week of February witnessed the last stage of a long implementation project. We had months of hard work and dedication from both Swiss Aviation Software and EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING.
He added: "We worked as a one-team from the beginning and now we can see the result of our efforts taking shape. The AMOS Go-Live is a milestone for our company, as we consider EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING a strategic customer in both Middle –East and Africa."
"The company now will have a unique opportunity to centralize all aircraft and components maintenance into one system, increasing productivity by reducing redundancy of work and improving the quality of all company records. It will be a great shift, but very beneficial to EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING. 
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