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 Minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt Inaugurates the 27th MRO Africa Conference & Exhibition in Cairo
 march 19, 2018, Cairo Egypt
																		On Monday 19th of March, Minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt inaugurated the 27th MRO Africa Conference & Exhibition, held in Cairo18-20 March 2018. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Hani Al-Adawi, President of the Civil Aviation Authority of Egypt, Mr. Mohamed Rahma, ICAO Middle East Regional Director,  Mr. Safwat Musallam, Chairman of EGYPTAIR Holding Company, Eng. Abu Taleb Tawfiq, Chairman of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING Captain Elias Sadeq, President of the Egyptian Aviation Academy, and Captain Abdul Hadi Alshakankiri Chairman of EGYPTAIR Training Academy and the leaders of the civil aviation sector, major manufacturers of aircraft, aircraft engines and spare parts, representatives of African airlines, suppliers of aircraft spare parts, providers of training activities and other aviation services.

The conference was opened with a speech by the Minister of Civil Aviation, in which he referred to the importance of Egypt's pivotal role in the field of civil aviation and the close relations it brings with its African brothers and its keenness to extend bridges of cooperation and ties with African countries. He also stressed the keenness of the political leadership to support the African continent in all fields and intensifying joint investments with African countries.

In the same context, Engineer Hani Al-Adawi, President of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority and Head of the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC), explained that the organization plays a pivotal role in organizing aviation traffic within the African continent and works in a framework of cooperation among its members to overcome obstacles facing civil aviation. It also works to enhance the efficiency of the aviation sector within the framework of commitment to binding legislation and coordination with the corresponding organizations on different continents to achieve harmony in the global air traffic.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr Rahma said that the aviation industry in the African continent is witnessing a great development, which is one of the highest in the world due to the growing investments related to aviation within Africa and the importance of the sector which attracts huge investments in Africa. He pointed out to the support given by the United Nations (ICAO) for sustainable development, development programs and several initiatives aimed at serving the aviation sector in Africa.

In his speech, Mr. Safwat Musallam, Chairman of EGYPTAIR Holding said that Egypt has witnessed and participated in the evolution of the aviation industry step by step and has taken a leading role in this industry at the African and international levels. He stressed Egypt's keenness to meet the requirements of the African market and expand its network within the African continent and its growing interest in harnessing all its potentials to serve the African continent and develop this vital sector, which is the cornerstone of any economic renaissance within the continent.

For his part, Eng. Abu-Taleb Tawfik, Chairman of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING, said that aircraft maintenance and overhaul around the world is witnessing a remarkable development in addition to the development of aircraft manufacturing technology. Tawfik added that such events and conferences play a major role in the development of this large-investment-industry in Africa and maintaining the continent's global position as well as and the expansion of the African horizon towards global changes and exchange of experiences. He added that MRO Africa Conference & Exhibition provides an ideal opportunity for the maintenance companies, airlines, manufacturers of aircraft, parts and engines and provides a platform for the development of African investments in this area.

Following the opening session, the Minister of Civil Aviation toured the exhibition ground and visited the distinguished booth of EGYPTAIR Holding and its subsidiaries. The event witnessed bilateral meetings during the exhibition with positive results as an agreement was signed between EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING and Kenya Airways, under which EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING shall provide maintenance services for Kenya Airways in Cairo. Signing the agreement was witnessed by Sherif Fathi, Minister of Civil Aviation and aviation sector leaders during their visit to EGYPTAIR booth at the exhibition.
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