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 Minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt Reopens Hangar 7000 of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING
 October 2016,Cairo
Sherif Fathi, Minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt, has taken part in Hangar 7000 of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING reopening ceremony after being renovated, in the presence of Members of the Parliament, Safwat Musallam, Chairman & CEO of EGYPTAIR Holding Company, Engineer Abou Taleb Tawfik, Chairman & CEO of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING and a group of leaders of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

On his part, Fathi pointed out to the importance of the continuous implementation of the development plans to meet the challenges taking place in the civil aviation sector and to increase the competitiveness in the global markets in the field of aircraft maintenance and overhaul. He also stressed the need to work on developing more future plans to ensure keeping pace with the global developments in all sectors of civil aviation, and praised the level of efficiency of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING Co. in terms of infrastructure and human resources of engineers and technicians.

Safwat Musallam, Chairman & CEO of EGYPTAIR Holding Company, said that renovating EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING’s hangars is implemented according to a timetable in parallel with the modernization of EGYPTAIR fleet and to meet all the technical requirements of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING’s customers; one of the largest specialized companies in this field in the Middle East and Africa.

“Hanger 7000 renovation is part of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING’s plan to increase its technical capabilities in line with the latest modern designs of hangars while working to increase the safety and security of human resources and maintenance tasks in order for the hangar to obtain the license of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),” added Musallam. “It also aims at increasing the company's hangars to accommodate a larger number of customers aircraft at the local and international levels, and also in order to provide excellent services to its customers due to the fact that the systems that have been added to the hangar are the most advanced systems that help complete the maintenance work efficiently and provide the appropriate atmosphere for the technical crews working in the hangar” he clarified.

Engineer Abou Taleb Tawfik - Chairman & CEO of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING, said that the development of hangar 7000 adds to the capabilities and the technical capacity of the company and supports its plans to expand into the global markets to meet the needs of more customers. “There is a long-term plan to determine the requirements of maintenance facilities in accordance with the targeted growth rates. It is also planned to start establishing a new hangar for painting in order to develop the company's capabilities in the field of aircraft painting in the Middle East and maintain the current internationally approved maintenance hangars. We are also in process of establishing two light maintenance hangars behind Hangar 6000 so as to increase light maintenance capabilities of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING,” Tawfik added.

It is worth mentioning that EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING has four hangars providing maintenance and overhaul for EGYPTAIR fleet as well as its customers totaling 130 various international airlines, where Hangar 7000’s area is 6,200 square meters.
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