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 Our Company offers a range of generous benefits to assist employees who are recruited
The range and level of benefits offered to individuals varies depending upon the position recruited into, Some benefits also require a qualifying period of service in the company. The benefits for any position you apply for will be made clear during the recruitment process

Please note that whilst we have summarized many of the benefits offered benefit that you should seek clarification on if interviewed for a position with us .

Benefits available to eligible employees include

  • Profit Share for employees based on company performance.

  • Individual Merit Pay based on individual performance and salary level.

  • Medical Insurance and treatment for employees and their families

  • Concessional Air Travel free for employees and their families

  • Generous Annual Leave provisions in addition to public holidays, as well as Paid Maternity Leave and Paid Sick Leave.

  • Free Transportation.

  • Access where approved to Extensive Training Resources and courses linked to each employee's personal and professional development.

Please feel free when you are interviewed for a position to inquire with the Recruitment staff on any of the allowances mentioned above and if they are applicable to your position. If you are successful in being offered a position with our company your Employment Contract will also mention the employment benefits applicable to your role.